We provide post-launch support for your mobile app and digital product.

Every app needs some level of support post-launch. This will vary based on the size of your user base and business function. We have flexible support plans that provide companies of every size a reliable way to manage their online resources and code, helping you mitigate security breaches and downtime.

Bug Fixes

We limit your exposure to critical bugs before launch by using automated and manual tests; however, bugs still surface and need to be fixed quickly. Our team has the experience to quickly find, fix, and deploy patches to reduce downtime and vulnerabilities.


We provide you with a dedicated team that manages your cloud resources and IT infrastructure to maximize uptime. Our team actively monitors resources and adjusts them as needed to keep your app online, ensuring your app is always ready to scale.


Patches, security, and general updates are released for frameworks often. They improve your app’s performance and security. As soon as updates become available, our team will upgrade your frameworks, make changes to your code, and upload the updates.

Making Growth Easy for You

You will always have the option to continue using our support team to manage your app; however, if you decide to hire an in-house team, we’ll make the transition easy by plugging them into the workflow before rolling off the project.


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