Rapid Prototyping

We help startups, corporations, and nonprofits validate product ideas.

Validate your product idea before making the investment to build out the complete product. Our approach condenses years of product development experience into an intensive 3-4 week workshop that will help you create a prototype that can be tested with potential customers.

At the end of our rapid prototype development program, you will walk away with a much clearer understanding of your product and a clickable prototype that you can share with investors – every thing needed to begin full scale development.


We will take a deep dive into your product idea. The goal of this phase is to understand the core product: who it is for, how it works, and what your competitors are doing in the space. Walking away from this phase, you will have a clear understanding of your concept and the market ecosystem.


It’s time to start giving your product a life of its own. During this phase we brainstorm ways to solve problems identified during the previous phase.  We will closely work with you to create a blueprint for your product. Completing this phase will give you everything needed to build a prototype.


Here’s where everything comes together and springs to life. Our design team will create a clean and interactive clickable prototype that you can share with potential customers and investors. It will be your first building block for creating a truly successful product and pushing your idea forward.

Helping You Prepare for the Next Step

It’s time to begin development. You’ve done all the work required to drill down your product to the bare essentials, creating a go-to-market strategy. At this point we’ll have enough information to give you an accurate estimate for development schedule and cost. We will give you an implementation timeline and product roadmap to help launch your product.


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