Finance Apps

We build robo-advisory apps for RIAs and wealth managers.

Our team will help you design a robo-advisor that is right for your wealth management or RIA firm. We’ll help design a sign up process that is easy, allowing you to onboard new clients quickly. Create a unique design and user experience that makes managing investments easy for your clients.

Automate Onboarding

Create a sign up system that works for you and your clients. We can help build a platform that automates data entry, signing documents, and account creation for your clients.

Intelligent Portfolio Recommendations

Use your firm’s current portfolio recommendation formula at scale. We will build an automated portfolio recommendation system that doesn’t need advisor input for each client. 

Use Your Custodian

Our team will help integrate the robo advisor with your current custodian so you won’t need to significantly modify internal processes, retrain staff, and move existing AUM.

iPhone, Android or web app. Choose one platform or all three.

We will help you choose the right platform for your robo-advisor’s initial launch. You have the option of launching an iPhone, Android or web app one at a time or all at once. Our team will make a recommendation based on your target demographic and exiting clientele.

Plectrum Accelerate

Plectrum Accelerate wanted to develop a robo advisor for iPhone that would make it easier for millennials to save and invest money. We were brought in during the ideation phase of the company and tasked with designing the UX/UI, architecting the complete technology stack, developing the application, and integrating with TD Ameritrade.

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