App Development

We design and build high quality iOS and Android apps.

We specialize in designing user experiences and building technology for mobile apps. Using agile development processes and quick feedback loops, we help you build an app that is poised to succeed. Our team goes to great lengths to help validate your idea and design an app that your customers want to use. We don’t stop there. Your app is engineered to scale with your business. Regular code reviews and testing ensure your app’s code is clean and of the highest quality.

iOS Apps

We specialize in building native iOS apps for iPhone and iPad. Our team focuses on designing user interfaces and experiences that make your app easy to use. Apps are coded using React Native, Objective-C or Swift, and we have regular code reviews to maintain code quality.

Android Apps

Building for Android can be challenging if your app needs to compatible with a wide variety of devices. Our approach focuses on incrementally increasing support for devices so that you can quickly improve and iterate your app. Apps are coded using the Android SDK.


Using elastic cloud hosting services and RESTful APIs, we build a reliable backend that can be easily scaled to support an influx of users. We use a variety of frameworks to code, including Django, Node.js, Laravel, and Spring. The code is typically hosted on AWS or GCP.

Ready for the App Store or Play Store

After thoroughly testing your app, we will help upload it to the App Store and Play Store. Once the app goes live, we will hand over all design assets and code so that you always control your IP. You will have the option to continue building your app, improving functionality, and using our support team to manage dev ops. If you decide to hire an in-house team, we’ll help bring them up to date on everything before signing off the project.


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