Working with an app development agency to build your mobile app is fairly simple and easy.

App development agencies in Los Angeles focus on helping startups and established enterprises take their product idea from a napkin to the App Store or Play Store. However, before making a decision it’s important to understand how an agency works, what type of apps they specialize in developing, and if the agency culture aligns with your vision. Here are a few things that will help you better understand how app development agencies typically work:

  1. Who works with app development agencies?

    App development agencies work with a wide spectrum of clients. Anywhere from entrepreneurs starting their company to well established brands that want to develop an app for their business. Companies that have in-house software developers will also work with app development agencies if they need to meet a deadline or don’t have the expertise required for building quality mobile apps.

  2. What is the process like?

    Most app development agencies follow Agile software development practices. Using Agile development allows for greater collaboration, constant communication, incremental deliveries of a working app, and leads to a successful product delivery. In other words, everyone works in a small yet highly effective team together (including you). Following this method of software development allows for timely feedback on implemented functionality, clarified expectations, complete transparency, and rapid delivery 0f high quality apps.

  3. Do agencies specialize in specific types of apps?

    Yes and no. Some agencies will only specialize in a few industries while others focus on building products for various applications. InfiniOne, for example, builds apps for financial, social, gaming, hardware, augmented reality, and chatbot apps for a wide spectrum of industries.

  4. Will an agency help me scale and maintain the product?

    Yes. Agencies tend to have different models for providing support. These models range from an hourly rate, to a monthly retainer, to proving a dedicated team that only works on maintaining and improving your app. It all depends on how many resources your app needs to reliably stay online.

Working with an app development agency in Los Angeles can accelerate your development timeline and help you develop a great mobile app. Make sure you ask questions about their process, previous work, and culture before making a decision.