Given the growing popularity of instant messaging apps, it’s perhaps no surprise that companies are exploring new ways to fully leverage these apps to support the organic growth of their business. Apple Business Chat, which can be thought of as a mobile app experience built on top of Apple’s popular iMessage platform, is one of the more intriguing options because it was created specifically with business owners in mind.

There are plenty of ways that you can use Apple Business Chat in new and innovative ways to drive growth at your company.

Improve Your Customer Service

One of the most popular options for using Apple Business Chat involves using the iMessage app as part of a comprehensive customer service solution. Instead of calling your business for information or updates, customers can simply send a text message via iMessage to your business in order to initiate a conversation.

You have the option of using two different approaches. One is using a live customer service representative answer queries as they arise. The other is creating a chatbot to handle those queries. When you create a chatbot on iMessage, you are also creating an opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with customers. Theoretically, there is no limit to how many conversations a chatbot can be having at any time – now contrast that to the stressed-out customer support person of today, who might be scrambling to field several calls at one time!

Create New Customer Journeys and Experiences

A very attractive part of Apple Business Chat is the interactivity that it enables. While trading messages back and forth is the starting point, many small businesses end up extending the functionality even further. For example, you can set up Apple Pay which lets customers pay for certain items within the iMessage app.

Working with an app developer, you can create other experiences as well. For example, customers might be able to select products, schedule appointments, or log into their accounts. One showcase example that Apple has been highlighting is the ability to select airline seats from directly within the iMessage app. Imagine how much easier it would be to book a flight, all without even talking to a single customer service representative! It’s an entirely new customer experience that’s been made accessible to businesses via Apple Business Chat.

Integrate Apple Business Chat with Every Aspect of Your Enterprise

Apple designed Apple Business Chat to be integrated with different part of your business. Think of Apple Business Chat as an extension of an already existing service rather than a new standalone service that requires an entirely new infrastructure. Developers are able to create seamless integration with your company’s existing IT infrastructure. Apple has taken steps to make Apple Business Chat secure, private, and completely encrypted – providing your customers with a safe way to communicate with you.

Using Apple Business Chat on iMessage is an easy way to connect and interact with more of your customers in a way that is seamlessly integrated with everyday customer experiences. People carry around their mobile phones wherever they go, so why not reach them where they are already?