Everyone gets carried away when building a new product. I have, other founders have, and you could too. Want to save money? Don’t implement features that aren’t absolutely necessary for the product.

Going into a relationship you never want things to be complicated. I use the same analogy when discussing projects with our clients. When starting a new company, make sure your product isn’t complicated.

Do the following to stay on track and reduce costs:

  1. Write down why you’re implementing each feature. 
    You’ll realize quickly that many of the features either aren’t needed or become too complicated for an MVP. Scratch them off the to-do list for now.
  2. Sketch wireframes and flow charts before engaging a dev shop.
    This will allow you to spend less time in the ideation phase with the dev shop and more time actually designing/building your product. Remember, less ideation time means saving you money.
  3. Show your sketches to potential customers/users.
    Make sure your target audience actually wants to use your product. It’s expensive to change features during development. Minimize that risk.

Remember that initial idea you had without all of the fancy features you came up with later? Stick to it.

Keep it simple, prepare, show your customers, and then let us know how we can help.