InfiniOne is your award winning innovation partner.

We specialize in designing IoT software and cloud services for your connected hardware devices.


Our team will help build your IoT proof of concept, from emended systems software to your cloud connectivity.


We'll help move your IoT product forward by helping develop custom on-device software.


Building your backend IoT infrastructure on the cloud. Our engineers specialize in building for Google Cloud IoT and Alibaba IoT.

Technology Expertise

Our team specializes in a wide range of languages, frameworks and technology stacks.

Google Cloud IoT

GCP provides consistency between public and private clouds, enabling businesses to modernize and developers to build IoT software faster in any environment.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global cloud-based products including compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security and enterprise applications.

Alibaba Cloud IoT

Alibaba Cloud IoT allows developers to quickly deploy communication protocols between their devices and the cloud.


Widely adopted standard in the industrial internet of things, Message Queuing Telemetry Transport is a lightweight publication/subscription type (pub/sub) messaging protocol. Suitable for devices with constrained system and connectivity resources.


AMQP specification includes features such as message orientation, queuing, routing (including point-to-point and publish-and-subscribe), reliability and security. Only applicable to systems without resource limitations.

Parse Platform

Build applications faster with object and file storage, user authentication, push notifications, dashboard and more out of the box.


As an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime, Node.js is designed to build scalable network applications


Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design


Spring Security is a powerful and highly customizable authentication and access-control framework.


Javascript, Python and Java

Web Frontend

HTML, Javascript and Angular


Objective C, Swift, Swift UI and Flutter


Flutter, Java and Android Native Development Kit (NDK)


Brings your ideas to life in animated prototypes. Test concepts earlier and more often.


Create rich, interactive prototypes. Import from Sketch, then gather feedback from any device.


Sketch brings early ideas to pixel-perfect artwork, playable prototypes and developer handoff.


MongoDB’s document data model naturally supports JSON and its expressive query language is easy to use.


MySQL Database is a a managed database to deploy cloud-native applications.

What makes us different

Transparency and clear communication is at the core of our ability to delivery projects on time and within budget.

Complete Transparency

You always know what's going on. We use Slack so you can easily speak to your team, JIRA so you can track progress, and GitHub so can see your IoT application's code whenever you want.

Code Ownership

You own what we build for you. It's that simple. After completing the project we transfer code and source files to you because that's how it should be.

Local & Accountable

We're in the same timezone and across the street if you want to meet. You'll always get weekly updates over the phone, video or in person - it's your choice.

How IoT is helping businesses increase efficiency

Predictive Maintenance

Automatically predict equipment maintenance needs and optimize performance in real time - including downtime, detecting anomalies, and tracking device status.

Logistics Management

Perform a variety of functions ranging from tracking inventory, managing fleets, to monitoring payload integrity. IoT sensors connected to the cloud can help provide valuable business data.

Smart Buildings

Use indoor/outdoor sensors to automate homes, buildings, or cities. Use a network of edge devices to collect data and use predictions to react - so that your business is never on the defense.

Edge Computing

Super charge your business insights by boosting intelligence at the edge or on the cloud. Use real-time data to make better decisions.

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    Our Process

    1. Free Consulting

    Stop by our office or hop on a call and tell us more about your IoT project.

    2. Get Cost Estimate

    Receive a cost and time estimate for developing your IoT software and framework.

    3. Prototyping

    Create a prototype design that validates assumptions and can be tested with users before investing in engineering.

    4. IoT Software Development

    Turn your prototype into a functional devices. Our engineering team will help you build on-device software, cloud systems and applications.

    5. Backend Development

    Building your IoT app's backend infrastructure on the cloud. Our engineers use the latest technologies and languages to ensure reliability.

    6. Maintenance and Improvement

    We help keep your software online by provide exceptional support and when it's time to add features to your IoT system, we're here to help.

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      Little more about InfiniOne.

      Helping startups and companies build innovative IoT software is in our DNA.

      Founded in 2012

      We've been around for a while.

      Award Winning

      We've been recognized as the top software developers in Los Angeles.

      2 Locations

      Always dedicated to growth.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Quick answers to frequent questions.

      We employ Agile development at InfiniOne, with weekly sprints for engineering and design. This approach allows for frequent delivery, faster troubleshooting, and rapid iteration. We pride ourselves on having bugs fixed in a timely manner and incorporating feedback without lag time.

      Monday’s are dedicated to client calls, Friday’s to all- hands reviews on progress. This ensures that feedback is incorporated promptly and creates alignment with both the development team and the product owner.

      Apart from our two weekly calls to discuss the project’s status, we rely on JIRA which has a multitude of built-in features for large projects and short and long term planning, and Slack for communication.

      Our pricing is based on the number of engineering resources working on your project. We bill per weekly sprint which allows for greater flexibility in terms of how to efficiently deal with roadblocks and changes in the timeline.

      Think of working with us as an internal startup team – you have a fixed budget and timeline, and when problems arise you find ways to quickly resolve them or pivot instead of working on a full rescope of the product


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