I was introduced to a hard working entrepreneur at our Los Angeles office a few weeks ago. He was working on a great idea, except his app was abysmal. It wasn’t his fault.

It was the development company he previously hired’s fault. They completely dropped the ball.

He spent his hard earned money on an app that looked like it was from 2007 and didn’t work. Simple features like keeping users logged in didn’t work.

We took a peek at the code to see what was wrong and provide him with an estimate for how long it would take to resolve the issues. What we found was beyond belief. The previous development company used six different frameworks to create his app. The code was barely holding itself together – literally the definition of spaghetti code.

We’re now working with him to completely re-design and re-build most of the app. I’m glad I was introduced to this entrepreneur because I really believe in his idea but wonder how many other entrepreneurs are out there who have a great idea, great work ethic but don’t know much about choosing the right development partner.

I bootstrapped InfiniOne myself, so I know the value of hard earned money. That’s why I always tell my team we can’t gamble with our clients’ money; they’re investing in their product and it’s our job to make it great.