“It depends.” The most common answer in the industry.

I’m guilty of giving the same answer to prospective clients. In this guide, I’ll give you a quick run-through of how an app is designed and developed. It will give you a tool to ballpark how long it will take to develop your app.

Summary: It takes 3-5 months to design and develop an app. Usually.

Let’s begin by understanding how our Los Angeles office approaches app development. We follow Agile development principles and work in short sprints to bring your app to life. Here’s an abridged version of the four development phases at InfiniOne:

  1. Prototyping

    You will work with our team to drill down your app concept and validate your product. This process starts by understanding your company’s target market, product features, and goals. Once you have a deep understanding of your product and market, we design wireframes as a blueprint for how the app will look and function. Our designers will then design a beautiful user interface that is unique and easy to use. We engage in mutual feedback through every part of this process so that mistakes are corrected quickly and every possible opportunity is capitalized upon.

    This phase typically takes 2-5 weeks.


  2. Development

    This is the most time-consuming phase. It involves taking the prototype and turning it into a fully functional app. Our team will break up deliverables into small two week sprints. You will be in constant communication with our team during these sprints, clarifying requirements, pointing out issues, and approving deliverables. After each two week period, you should have a piece of your app that can be downloaded and used. Following this incremental approach to development allows us to quickly build an app that meets specifications.

    This phase typically takes 6-12 weeks.


  3. Testing

    We assign a quality assurance engineer to each project. It’s the QA’s job to find and report bugs in the app. Providing the development team with consistent feedback allows us to quickly resolve issues and maintain quality. We also dedicate resources post-development to thoroughly test the app, find bugs, and fix them before launch.

    This phase typically takes 1-2 weeks.


  4. Launch

    It’s time to reveal your app to the world. Our team will help you create an App Store or Play Store listing and make sure the app is approved for download. It usually take 1-2 days for Android apps and 6-9 days for iOS apps to complete the approval process. There isn’t much work to do during this phase… we just have to wait for feedback from Apple or Google.

    This phase typically takes under 2 weeks.


Use this post as a blueprint for estimating how long your app will take to develop. It usually takes longer to build an app that is developed on top of a new technology or has interwoven, complex functionality.

To receive a quote and more accurate timetable, submit your information HERE to begin the conversation. You can learn more about how these processes work by checking out our rapid prototyping and app development pages.