Many entrepreneurs and startups have stopped by our Los Angeles office. I’ve lost track of how many have started building an app with a development company but ended up with a non-functional product.

It can be very frustrating working with a developer or company that doesn’t understand your vision for the app and can’t deliver a high quality product. Choosing the right team to work with you is critical to developing a successful app.

Use the following indicators to help make an informed decision:

  1. Process

    Early stage companies need to work with an app development company that follows Agile development methodologies – it doesn’t matter which one. Agile development provides you with the ability to make changes to your app quickly, adjust the product to user feedback, and rapidly create an MVP that can be launched. Development companies that want to fully spec out a project before beginning the engagement are typically inflexible when it comes to making changes, seriously jeopardizing the success of your app.


  2. Culture

    It’s very important to find a company that won’t say ‘yes’ to everything you would ask them to build. They should provide constructive feedback and push back on features they don’t believe will add value to your product. Work with a company that brings their experience developing other successful apps to the table and helps eliminate unnecessary mistakes.


  3. Communication

    We all know that transparency and communication are important. Here at InfiniOne we act on that belief. Our methods help you save time and money by quickly correcting assumptions or providing feedback on deliverables as soon as you notice something that needs to be addressed. Working with an app development company should still feel like you’re working with your own engineering team. You should be able to exchange ideas and quickly make changes to the product based on customer feedback. That’s how we roll.


  4. Quality Code

    Code quality is what’s under the hood. Make sure the company follows software engineering best practices and has a rigorous hiring process. Ask them about how they recruit developers and what processes they have in place to ensure code quality. Look at their previous work to gauge how well apps they’ve previously built work under the pressure of more users and functionality.


Quality app development companies in Los Angeles should help you build a great app by behaving like an extension of your team. They should provide business consulting (free of charge), feedback on your ideas, and work with you to find the most efficient solutions to every challenge on the way to building your ideal mobile app.

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