It’s not always easy to decide if your business needs a mobile app.

You may need a simple web app or chatbot instead (learn more about how we can help with those too here). Make a data driven decision when deciding if your business needs a mobile app.

We’ve had the good fortune of working with a wide variety of companies to help build web, mobile, and messaging apps. Here are a few questions that our team thinks will help you make a decision:

  1. Are your customers mostly on mobile?
    Dig into your analytics data to see what devices and sources (search, social, referral links, or direct) your customers are using to access your business. If they are navigating directly to your website, it may mean that they only come to your site when they need you. These types of customers may prefer the convenience of using a mobile app instead of navigating to your website every time. In addition to a providing convenient access to your business, it’ll give you the opportunity to provide a tailored and interactive experience.
  2. Do customers use your company frequently?
    Customers that return to your website frequently and interact with your company multiple times a day may prefer an easier way to use your product or service. Reduce the friction between reaching your business by developing a native mobile app. You will have the additional benefit of interacting with your customers at a deeper level by using tools like push notifications (this should be done thoughtfully).
  3. Do you provide on-demand services?
    Companies that provide their customers with an on-demand service should reduce friction between the time interaction is needed with your business to the transaction taking place. Developing a mobile app can help improve the convenience of your service. It’s an app on their phone. A few taps and they’re done. If they have to search for you every time before initiating a transaction, they may run into alternatives online (you certainly don’t want that) or drop off before completing the order.
  4. Do your competitors have an app?
    Check if your competition has apps on the App Store and Play Store. Read their app reviews and look at how often the apps are updated. If your competitors have great reviews and their apps are updated often, you should seriously consider building an app for your business. If they have bad reviews but the apps are still updated often, you may have an opportunity build a much better mobile experience. Customers use your competitors’ apps but don’t enjoy the experience. However, if your competitors have apps with bad reviews and don’t update them often, it might mean that they have found apps don’t work for your industry or that they haven’t executed their mobile strategies very well (which is an opportunity for your business).

It’s important to understand why your business needs a mobile app before actually building one. Knowing the reason for building an app will significantly help shape your app’s value proposition and chances of success.