Easy Access to Tutors.

Early 2014 one of our advisors suggested we build a mobile app for the education market. We decided to look at tutors that teach middle school and high school students. After two weeks of brainstorming, we revealed Wizrd as a concept for an internal project. We wanted to create a user interface and experience that would make finding and booking tutors easy. No one had done it right, so we decided it was time someone did.

Intuitive Experience

Finding Tutors.

Everyone on our team has attended middle school and high school (thankfully!). We knew first hand the pain of finding a good and reliable tutor. This is the point where everything started coming together. We needed to create a way for parents or students to easily find highly rated tutors in five or fewer taps.

Creating an experience that was intuitive was our number one goal. We wanted to make sure that the user’s hand was held each step of the way. The sign up process stuck closely to this vision for the app by showing the user why they were entering information and how it would help make the best tutor matches.

Three is the Magic Number.

Quick Reservations.

We had to make sure it was easy to book a tutor. That’s why our team spent over 160 hours trying to find a way to reduce the number of taps from finding matches to reserving a tutor. And we did. The magical number of taps required is three! That’s a 40% decrease from our initial requirement of five or less taps.

Functional Design

Usable Platform.

After all of this work, we had figured out how to on-board users and easily book tutors. Now we needed a way to retain users. The best way to do that was to keep them continuously engaged. How? By creating a platform that allowed students to share notes, assignments, and questions with tutors via the mobile app. We integrated messaging and file sharing to facilitate a closed feedback loop. This kept users engaged and organized by saving their data in one place.

User Testing Matters

Never Stop Learning.

Once again, Wizrd taught us that there is something to be learned from every project we work on. From user onboarding to making tasks as easy to complete as possible for the end user, we find ourselves drawing on a lot of the lessons we learned on Wizrd in our daily work.