Rescue Mission

Making Critical Fixes.

Lilspace is an Android and iOS app built using React Native. It’s a community that helps users track time away from their phone and use that time to earn rewards. InfiniOne was brought on-board to help resolve technical issues that had been causing usability problems. Furthermore, our team helped add additional functionality to improve engagement and analytics.

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Finding the Right Causes.

Lilspace users were unable to accurately search for groups and causes they wanted to support while unplugging from their phones. Simple searches like “saturday” would return results that didn’t have the word “saturday” in them. Our team helped resolve this issue by optimizing search and implementing functionality that returned results as the user typed characters in the search field.

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Customer Acquisition

Tracking Deep Links.

Lilspace was working on a new email marketing strategy aimed at improving engagement. We helped deploy a new feature that allowed Lilspace to send deep links for specific causes via email. Clicking these links lead users directly to the causes they wanted to support by unplugging. Utilizing deep links helped reduce the amount of time it took users to find causes.

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Python and React Native


Lilspace is a React Native app for Android and iOS with a backed built using Python hosted on Heroku. Our team used OneSignal’s React SDK to add push notification support and implemented a custom deep linking engine in Python.

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Improved Experience

Happier Users.

Our goal was to help Lilspace fix critical bugs with the code, improve the app’s stability, and add new features that would help improve engagement. The results speak for themselves. Lilspace is now able to engage with user via two new channels and users can finally use search.