Rescue Mission

Non-Functional App to Fully Functional MVP.

We were introduced to the Holy Tomatoes founder at a very critical stage in his startup career. He had spent a lot of money and time working with a development company that delivered a non-functional product. We helped him quickly define a road to recovery and hit the ground running. Our team helped him build a native iOS app from scratch and worked to salvage the backend his previous development company had built.

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Re-Engineering the User Experience.

The original Holy Tomatoes UI was unusable. Actions took way too many taps, there wasn’t any information segmentation, and it didn’t follow Apple’s human interface guidelines. We worked with the founder through our rapid prototyping phase to help design a UI/UX that was usable and simply made sense to the user. Our goal was to create an app that made it easy for believers to connect with church leaders and engage with the community.

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Finding the Right Church.

Church discovery was a very important component of the Holy Tomatoes concept. The app needed to be a module that was easy to access and very searchable. That’s why our team made the search screen easily accessible on every screen - church discovery is always one tap away.

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iOS and LoopBack


Holy Tomatoes’ original iOS app was built using Ionic but was unstable. We transitioned the frontend technology stack to native iOS using Swift 4. Our team was able to work with the existing backend implementation that used LoopBack and MongoDB, hosted on AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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Looking Ahead

Market Testing.

Holy Tomatoes finally has a product it can take to market and show investors. They have started on-boarding churches and growing their presence throughout the US. As with any early stage startup, we continue to work with them to improve the product as they receive feedback from users and other key stakeholders.