Idea to Prototype

Creating a Platform for Sharing.

APRL is a Los Angeles based clothing rental company. They wanted a prototype for their iPhone app concept. We worked with the founders during a short rapid prototyping workshop to give their concept a life.


Finding the Perfect Apparel.

The founders of APRL wanted to create an experience that connected customers with that perfect piece of clothing. It had to feel premium and tailored, no pun intended. We began by understanding how users would interact with the app, creating flow charts and wireframes before actually designing the interface.


Classifying Information.

Inventory misclassification creates a world of problems for all platforms. It was therefore extremely important to ensure adoption of proper classification methods. We designed a comprehensive inventory control system that incentivized owners to upload accurate details of their clothing.

Sketch and InVision

Clickable Prototype.

Our process involved conversations with prospective users and a lot of sketching. We used Sketch to design the final iOS interface and InVision to create a clickable prototype.


Raising Money.

Going through our rapid prototyping program allowed APRL to bring their vision of a mobile app to life. They worked closely with InfiniOne to flush out their ideas and create a prototype that allowed user testing. It further helped by showing a proof concept to investors and ultimately leading to their first round of seed funding.