Meet the InfiniOne Executive Team


Hassan Sarwar

Founder & CEO

Hassan Sarwar is Founder and CEO at InfiniOne, which he launched in 2012 out of his dorm at the University of Southern California. He is on a mission to make building technology easier for businesses in today’s connected world.

Hassan holds a BS in Computer Science and Business Administration from the University of Southern California.


Paul Farino

Design Advisor

Paul Farino is a Design Advisor focusing on building design systems, tools, and helping grow design advocacy within organizations.


Mark Welsh

Sales Director

Mark Welsh is the Sales Director at InfiniOne. He leads the company’s business development team, working on SMB and enterprise sales. Prior to joining InfiniOne, Mark worked for Cisco and Fantasy Sports leading user acquisition and investor relations.

Mark holds a BA from the University of Notre Dame.


Yunas Qazi

Technology Director

Yunas Qazi is Technology Director at InfiniOne. He leads the company’s engineering teams and heads internal R&D initiatives. Prior to joining InfiniOne, Yunas worked for Coeus Solutions managing their mobile business.

Yunas holds an MS in Computer Science from FAST National University.

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